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REKON x XSound 3 Dual Pack

Inspired by luxury timepieces, the REKON’s mechanical interface was created from bespoke aluminum components. Revolutionary three-way control with tempered glass face, IASUS obsession to detail has reached a new level of refinement, successfully achieving a visual and tactile masterpiece.
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The Evolution of Helmet Audio and Communication

The REKON is optimized and connected to today’s latest generation smartphones through Bluetooth’s latest 5.0 version with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which allows for extended standby (250hrs) and talk time. (10hrs). A2DP and aptX HD audio will be in full effect when paired with our XSound 3 HD helmet drivers. Perfect for Spotify, Apple music, Skype, Whatsapp, phone calls, Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps and more.

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Limitless Communication

IASUS has partnered with leading POC (push-to-talk over cellular) communication solution providers to offer unlimited range communication services through the smartphone platform.

The Rekon is optimized with the following communication apps:

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Ergonomics and Design

The tempered glass face exposes the intricate details of the mechanical movement and is also backlit, so that you know this product is electronic and operational. The Rekon is focused on one primary control with two secondary control actions (left and right rotation of the main unit) which can support basic communication, audio playback and even custom applications such as PTT control. The Rekon slides and locks into position on our special mounting bracket and can be easily detached with our quick release switch.

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Extraordinary High Def Audio

The IASUS design team, known to be notorious for “over engineered” products like our XSound 3 and XSound 2.1 helmet audio speakers, carefully explored the possibilities of helmet communications extensively. The REKON has A2DP and aptX HD audio profiles to deliver the best possible wireless audio when used with the XSound speakers.

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Wireless – Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Talk Time – 10 hours, standby 250 hours
Multipoint Pairing – Pair with multiple devices
Audio Amplification – 10dB boost with < 0.3% harmonic distortion
Dimensions – 1”/25mm diameter (Interface) // 57-69mm x 23-32mm (Mic body)
Microphone – Enhanced microphone for minimal background noise.
Audio Profiles – A2DP and aptX HD audio
Power output – Up to 35mW per channel
Charge time- 2.5 hours
Battery – Internal Li Ion Polymer battery.
Charge Port – Magnetic

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What’s Included

+ Rekon motorcycle comm system
+ Quick release mount with 3m double sided adhesive
+ Velcro attachment
+ Magnetic charging cable
+ Soft curly extension cable

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